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CA Magazine Update

11:00 AM EST 4-5-2019

Inventory Status

I am watching as orders come in. If by chance something went out of stock your charge will be immediatly voided. Feel free to use chat to check before you order.

Shipping Costs

Magazines are not my normal inventory items. I mainly stock hard to find and in demand firearms (Like the Christensen Arms Summit TI in 300 win mag, HK, etc) and ammo (TCM, 22 Nosler, etc). All items that do not say "Available In Store" will be ordered from one or several of my distributors. As far as I know all distributors have stopped shipment to CA and due to this all items not marked as "Available In Store" need to be shipped to me first and then to you. Shipping charges are calculated based on the shipping the distributors charge me and the USPS Priorty mail shipping cost from me to you. 

If the items you order come from multiple distributors there may be multiple shipping charges.

I apologize in advance if this is the case on your order. I do not charge credit card fees and I do not get the amazing discounts the bigger outlets do. I am not complaining, rather, I am just trying to pass the information along so you know what and why you are being charged.


Pending the outcome of the appeal to the 9th circuit and in accordance with the stay currently in place - NO MAGAZINES OVER 10 RDS will be shipped to CA customer who's orders are placed after 4-5-2019 4:59 PM PSTRuling

All orders placed before the cut off will ship out to you via USPS Priorty mail (or first class 3 day depending on weight) as soon as they arrive here.